Paul Vincent

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Asymmetric tensor field visualization can provide important insight into fluid flows and solid deformations. Existing techniques for asymmetric tensor fields focus on the analysis, and simply use evenly-spaced hyperstreamlines on surfaces following eigenvectors and dual-eigenvectors in the tensor field. In this paper, we describe a hybrid visualization(More)
We introduce a reference architecture for event processing, as defined by the EPTS reference architecture (RA) working group. An event processing reference architecture allows users to quickly create event processing solutions that adhere to known stakeholder requirements and architectural qualities. The focus in this paper is on the EPTS reference(More)
The tutorial introduces the EPTS Reference Architecture and its components, and covers some of the Reference Architecture subfunctions as design patterns against some implementation languages. The patterns are analysed and mapped to some of the current available system and languages (such as IBM, Oracle, TIBCO and Prova open source).
INTRODUCTION Infective endocarditis presenting with arthralgia is rare. Group B streptococcus tricuspid endocarditis as a postpartum complication is even rarer. The present case is an example of both. CASE PRESENTATION We report the case of a 30-year-old Caucasian woman who presented with painful swelling of her wrists and ankles. CONCLUSION Even when(More)
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