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An absolute determination of the ampere
An absolute determination of the ampere has been made with the current weigher erected by AYRTON, MATHER, and SMITH in 1905, modified as described below. A detailed description of this instrument wasExpand
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The temperature coefficient of the saturated Weston cell
The effect of temperature on the electromotive force and on the performance of acid Weston cells has been studied from - 24 to + 40? C. The e.m.f. reached a maximum at about 3?, and at - 20? it wasExpand
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Stability of standard cells
Measurements made with "acid" cadmium cells show that atmospheric variations of temperature do not affect the secular constancy of E.M.F. of the cells. For field work, constancy of temperature isExpand
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An all-electric clock
The synchronous motor usually employed for obtaining seconds' intervals from a 1 kc./sec. source controlled by a high-frequency crystal oscillator is replaced by three multi-vibrators whoseExpand
Principles of electric and magnetic measurements
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