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We report the draft genome sequence of the model moss Physcomitrella patens and compare its features with those of flowering plants, from which it is separated by more than 400 million years, and unicellular aquatic algae. This comparison reveals genomic changes concomitant with the evolutionary movement to land, including a general increase in gene family(More)
Vitamin C deficiency in the Arabidopsis mutant vtc1 causes slow growth and late flowering. This is not attributable to changes in photosynthesis or increased oxidative stress. We have used the vtc1 mutant to provide a molecular signature for vitamin C deficiency in plants. Using statistical analysis, we show that 171 genes are expressed differentially in(More)
Wheat biologists face particular problems because of the lack of genomic sequence and the three homoeologous genomes which give rise to three very similar forms for many transcripts. However, over 1.3 million available public-domain Triticeae ESTs (of which approximately 850,000 are wheat) and the full rice genomic sequence can be used to estimate likely(More)
BACKGROUND Increases in life stress have been linked to poor prognosis, after myocardial infarction (MI). Previous research suggested that a programme of monthly screening for psychological distress, combined with supportive and educational home nursing interventions for distressed patients, may improve post-MI survival among men. Our study assessed this(More)
MOTIVATION Assembling the relevant information needed to interpret the output from high-throughput, genome scale, experiments such as gene expression microarrays is challenging. Analysis reveals genes that show statistically significant changes in expression levels, but more information is needed to determine their biological relevance. The challenge is to(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with an implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) may experience a certain degree of suffering. A sample of 32 patients was surveyed to determine the psychological benefit resulting from this treatment. METHODS Hamilton Anxiety Scale, Beck Depression Inventory and a shortened version of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory(More)
Increasing demands for productivity together with environmental concerns about fertilizer use dictate that the future sustainability of agricultural systems will depend on improving fertilizer use efficiency. Characterization of the biological processes responsible for efficient fertilizer use will provide tools for crop improvement under reduced inputs.(More)
Aphids represent a significant challenge to food production. The Rothamsted Insect Survey (RIS) runs a network of 12·2-m suction-traps throughout the year to collect migrating aphids. In 2014, the RIS celebrated its 50th anniversary. This paper marks that achievement with an extensive spatiotemporal analysis and the provision of the first British annotated(More)
The responses of C 3 plants to rising atmospheric CO 2 levels are considered to be largely dependent on effects exerted through altered photosynthesis. In contrast, the nature of the responses of C 4 plants to high CO 2 remains controversial because of the absence of CO 2-dependent effects on photosynthesis. In this study, the effects of atmospheric CO 2(More)
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