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ISSUE ADDRESSED A systematic ecological framework in which to design sustainable, community-based, safety promotion interventions is presented. METHOD A literature review was undertaken of English-language articles addressing the topics of 'ecological injury prevention or safety promotion', 'ecological health promotion', 'sustainable economic, health or(More)
QUESTION Can physical activity in adults aged 40-65 years enhance strength and balance and prevent falls? DESIGN Systematic review with meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials. PARTICIPANTS Healthy adults aged 40-65 years. INTERVENTION Programs that involved the performance of any physical activity in community settings and workplaces. OUTCOME(More)
OBJECTIVES The present research examined the sun protection intentions and behaviours of young people in a high risk skin cancer area using an extended theory of planned behaviour (TPB) incorporating additional social influences of group and image norms. DESIGN The study employed a prospective design to examine young people's sun protection intentions and(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED Differences in the behavioural, normative and control beliefs of young Australian sun-protectors and non sun-protectors are analysed using a theory of planned behaviour belief-based framework. METHODS A questionnaire assessed the sun-safety-related beliefs and perceptions of a Queensland sample (n=858) of young people aged between 12 and(More)
Mackay Whitsunday Safe Communities (MWSC) was developed using a capacity building model that consciously attempted to design sustainability into the network. Our aim was to quantify the flow of resources used by MWSC to implement and sustain its injury control activities. Resource exchange among network members was quantified and analysed using social(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED Recent increases in the prevalence of self-reported participation in physical activity are encouraging and beneficial for health overall. However, the implications for sun safety need to be considered, particularly in Australia, which has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. This study investigated the relationship between(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED The Mackay Whitsunday Safe Communities (MWSC) was established in February 2000 in response to high rates of injury observed in the region. A key objective was to consolidate and better coordinate a network of community groups already working in community safety promotion. METHODS This study used Social Network Analysis (SNA) to document(More)
BACKGROUND There is a sound rationale for the population-based approach to falls injury prevention but there is currently insufficient evidence to advise governments and communities on how they can use population-based strategies to achieve desired reductions in the burden of falls-related injury. The aim of the study was to quantify the effectiveness of a(More)
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