Paul V Knight

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This paper discusses the findings of a small scale research project which explored the possibility of adopting eco-design techniques. The paper focuses on identifying how eco-design techniques can be determined as being compatible with new product development processes. Via the development of a five stage „applicability framework‟, this study demonstrates(More)
The editorial titled "For the Protection of the Public and the Good of the Specialty: Maintenance of Certification" (published in the February 2009 issue of the Archives of Surgery) has prompted us to offer the following article to inform the debate about how assessing surgical care and sorting out the variables to be included in maintenance of(More)
Now that computers have been used in the classroom for a few years, researchers and educators are searching for ways to enhance the educational effectiveness of this technology. Computers have traditionally been used as conveyors of information and tutors of students. In these traditional applications, information is stored in the computer. During the(More)
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