Paul V. Anderson

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A recent study of new software developers at Microsoft reveals the significance and integration of communication skills in their daily tasks. While the literature offers a variety of approaches to promote the integration of communication skills into the Computer Science curriculum, a discrepancy remains between what students get and what they need. In this(More)
Communication skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and teaming, are among the most sought after by employers of recent Computer Science/Software Engineering (CS/SE) graduates. We have been conducting a project that has developed a general framework for program-level integration of communication into CS/SE education. Our framework has been developed(More)
The Computer Science and Software Engineering (CS/SE) profession reports that new college graduates lack the communication skills needed for personal and organizational success. Many CS/SE faculty may omit communication instruction from their courses because they do not want to reduce technical content. We experimented in a software-engineering-intensive(More)
To be successful, CS and SE graduates need strong communication skills (writing, speaking, and teaming), particularly within their discipline. Students exercise these skills during their classes but are not always given explicit domain-specific instruction on these skills, instead relying on instruction provided outside the program. CS and SE faculty are(More)
A key to success for management information systems (MIS) graduates is good communication skills, especially writing skills. An effort to incorporate writing assignments and instruction into a sequence of MIS courses at a major midwestern university is having the unintended but substantial benefit of helping the MIS program create an assessment plan that(More)
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