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Analyzing behavioral patterns of workloads is critical to understanding Cloud computing environments. However, until now only a limited number of real-world Cloud datacenter tracelogs have been available for analysis. This has led to a lack of methodologies to capture the diversity of patterns that exist in such datasets. This paper presents the first(More)
—Cloud computing research is in great need of statistical parameters derived from the analysis of real-world systems. One aspect of this is the failure characteristics of Cloud environments composed of workloads and servers; currently, few metrics are available that quantify failure and repair times of workloads and servers at a large-scale. Workload(More)
Cloud computing presents exciting opportunities to foster research for scientific communities; virtual machine technology has a profound role in this. Among other benefits, virtual machine technology enables Clouds to offer large scale and flexible computing infrastructures that are available on demand to address the diverse requirements of scientific(More)
Service-orientation is a highly useful means of developing flexible, agile, and dependable software systems, and is a paradigm that has been increasingly adopted into Grid Computing middleware. However, service-orientation brings with it new challenges in the fields of dependability and security that need to be addressed by the High Assurance Systems(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm which introduces novel opportunities to establish large scale, flexible computing infrastructures. However, security underpins extensive adoption of Cloud computing. In this paper, we present our efforts to address one of the significant issues with respect to security of Clouds i.e. intrusion detection and(More)
Understanding the resource utilization and server characteristics of large-scale systems is crucial if service providers are to optimize their operations whilst maintaining Quality of Service. For large-scale datacenters, identifying the characteristics of resource demand and the current availability of such resources, allows system managers to design and(More)