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The main goal of our current research is the development of the Swedish prosody model. In our analysis of discourse and dialogue intonation we are exploiting model-based resynthesis. By comparing synthesized default and fine-tuned pitch contours for dialogues under study we are able to isolate relevant intonation patterns. This analysis of intonation is(More)
  • PERILUS XIII, Catharina Kylander, +22 authors Sidney Wood
  • 2010
19 It has been claimed (Bolinger & Sears 1981; Swadesh 1971) that closed-class morphemes contain more than their share of "simple" segments. That is, closed-class morphemes tend to underexploit the phonetic possibilities available in the segment inventories of languages. To investigate this claim, the consonants used in pronoun paradigms from 32(More)
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