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ISBN 0 521 37181 3 iii Preface This little book comes from a short graduate course on typed λ-calculus given at the Université Paris VII in the autumn term of 1986–7. It is not intended to be encyclopedic — the Church-Rosser theorem, for instance, is not proved — and the selection of topics was really quite haphazard. Some very basic knowledge of logic is(More)
We present an elementary axiomatisation of synthetic domain theory and show that it is sufficient to deduce the fixed point property and solve domain equations. Models of these axioms based on partial equivalence relations have received much attention, but there are also very simple sheaf models based on classical domain theory. In any case the aim of this(More)
The Pew Hispanic Center is a nonpartisan research organization that seeks to improve public understanding of the diverse Hispanic population in the United States and to chronicle Latinos' growing impact on the nation. It does not take positions on policy issues. The Center is part of the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan "fact tank" based in Washington,(More)