Paul Tauro

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Tauro, Patric (The University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Harlyn O. Halvorson. Effect of gene position on the timing of enzyme synthesis in synchronous cultures of yeast. J. Bacteriol. 92:652-661.-In synchronously growing cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, enzyme synthesis is periodic. The effect of various factors on the timing of alpha-glucosidase(More)
INTRODUCTION Picture archiving and communication systems images designed to be viewed on high-resolution medical-grade monitors are routinely viewed on office-grade monitors on the wards or at home. This study aimed to determine whether a statistically significant difference in diagnostic (cancer detection) and perceptual (microcalcification detection)(More)
A case of fatal spontaneous gas gangrene due to Clostridium septicum septicaemia associated with an occult rectal malignancy is presented. This condition has a rapid progression and a high mortality even with prompt treatment. It is important that the radiologist considers this diagnosis in an appropriate clinical setting to allow rapid instigation of(More)
The effect of anilazine on growth, respiration and enzyme activity of E. coli has been studied. Anilazine delays the growth of E. coli by prolonging the lag period. It inhibits glucose oxidation by 60% and succinate oxidation by 100%. It also inhibits in vitro succinic dehydrogenase activity. It seems that the inhibition of E. coli by anilazine is because(More)