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Australia's annual rate of productivity growth surged by over 1 percentage point in the 1990s. Three major possible explanations have been put forward: the use of more advanced information and communications technologies (ICTs), increases in workforce skills, and policy reforms designed in large part to drive and enable productivity improvement. The paper(More)
FOREWORD This document defines and presents several solutions to the cross-domain scripting security issue with a Sharable Content Object (SCO)'s ECMAScript (i.e. JavaScript) access to a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Application Program Interface (API) Instance. It is technical in nature and is meant for IT specialists and learning(More)
Gas phase and particular phase sulfur have been measured at various locations in the Los Angeles basin to determine atmospheric conversion rates and mechanisms. A new technique was developed for the measurement of particulate sulfur. From measurements of the particulate to gas phase sulfur ratio near the major stationary sources and far downstream and from(More)
(STI) conducted a study of the causes of elevated ozone levels on weekends in the South Coast (Los Angeles) Air Basin (SoCAB). This work was conducted over a period of 30 months beginning in December 1999. In the initial phase of the study, DRI examined the spatial, temporal, and statistical distributions of ozone, carbon monoxide, total non-methane(More)