Paul T. Murphy

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The transaction-processing environment in which companies maintain their operational databases was the original target for computerization a d is now well understood. On the other hand, access to company information on a large scale by an end user for eporting and data analysis is relatively new, Within IBM, the computerization of informational systems is(More)
This paper reports on an innovative study where for the first time in Singapore accident costs have been derived using a willingness-to-pay (WTP) approach. In order to carry out evaluations of road safety projects and transport infrastructure investments, it is necessary to use a true value of accident cost that would reflect the community willingness to(More)
In an effort to gain a clear understanding of the effects of using digital control in place of analog control, this paper presents a collection of thoughts expressed in other such papers. This paper focuses on the benefits and consequences of using digital control over analog in distributed power systems and, to some extent, motor drives.
The predominantly developed country business principle that the natural resource is effectively free, or of very low monetary value, has been significantly challenged in recent years, not only through the recognition of the accelerated rate of depletion of native forest resources and of the space and food demands of increasing populations, but also through(More)
Introduction: Clinical practice includes expressing empathy and understanding key features of humanity, such as mortality and illness. The Stanislavski "System" of actor training negotiates a journey from the unconscious via feeling, will and intellect to a proposed supertask. This study explored these areas during collaborative learning amongst(More)
Cleanroom is a software engineering development methodology that is claimed can produce near-zero defect software. The report includes a brief overview of Cleanroom, some examples of its use in industry, and possible future directions for Cleanroom research, as well as a discussion of whether or not Cleanroom is suitable for undergraduate study. Cleanroom(More)
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