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This paper explores the development of a scalable, nonlinear, fully-implicit stabilized unstructured finite element (FE) capability for 2D incompressible (reduced) resistive MHD. The discussion considers the implementation of a stabilized FE formulation in context of a fully-implicit time integration and direct-to-steady-state solution capability. The(More)
Doublecortin (DCX) is a microtubule-associated protein required for neuronal migration to the cerebral cortex. DCAMKL1 consists of an N terminus that is 65% similar to DCX throughout the entire length of DCX, but also contains an additional 360 amino acid C-terminal domain encoding a putative Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase. The homology to DCX(More)
Application performance is determined by a combination of many choices: hardware plat-form, runtime environment, languages and compilers used, algorithm choice and implementation, and more. In this complicated environment, we find that the use of mini-applications - small self-contained proxies for real applications - is an excellent approach for rapidly(More)
SUMMARY This study investigates algebraic multilevel domain decomposition preconditioners of the Schwarz type for solving linear systems associated with Newton-Krylov methods. The key component of the preconditioner is a coarse approximation based on algebraic multigrid ideas to approximate the global behavior of the linear system. The algebraic multilevel(More)
The Red Storm architecture, which was conceived by Sandia National Laboratories and implemented by Cray, Inc., has become the basis for most successful line of commercial supercomputers in history. The success of the Red Storm architecture is due largely to the ability to effectively and efciently solve a wide range of science and engineering problems. The(More)
SUMMARY An implicit multigrid-driven algorithm for two-dimensional incompressible laminar viscous ows has been coupled with a solution adaptation method and a mesh movement method for boundary movement. Time-dependent calculations are performed implicitly by regarding each time step as a steady-state problem in pseudo-time. The method of artiÿcial(More)