Paul Stephen Massey

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Reduction in the prevalence of mental retardation has been identified as a national goal since 1971. President Nixon proposed the year 2000 as a benchmark, by which time the prevalence of severe mental retardation should be reduced by as much as 50%. An analysis to determine the fraction of severe mental retardation that could be prevented with strategies(More)
Quantum computing has the potential to bring a new class of previously intractable problems within the reach of computer science. Harnessing the quantum mechanical phenomena of superposition and entanglement, a quantum computer can manipulate vast amounts of information in a single computational step and perform certain operations exponentially faster than(More)
A secondary analysis of states' utilization of large residential settings (16+ residents) for persons with mental retardation was conducted. Data used in the analysis were from the most current national dataset (Prouty & Lakin, 1995). The results show that states vary considerably in the extent to which they use different types of large residential(More)
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