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The coastal North Sea is characterized by strong seasonal dynamics in abiotic and biotic variables. Hence, pronounced temporal changes in the bacterioplankton community composition can be expected. Catalyzed reporter deposition fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis showed a seasonal succession, with Alphaproteobacteria dominating before the spring(More)
Virtual endoscopy needs some precomputation of the data (segmentation, path finding) before the diagnostic process can take place. We propose a method that precomputes multinode spherical panorama movies using Quick-Time VR. This technique allows almost the same navigation and visualization capabilities as a real endoscopic procedure, a significant(More)
  • Elsa U. Pardee, ELIZABETH B. POHLE, +20 authors W. U. GARDNER
  • 2006
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In previously reported experiments, the car cinogenic potency for mice of extracts of processed rubber was traced to the presence of 3,4-benz pyrene and related compounds (13). A search for the origin of these hydrocarbons was next under taken. Samples of crude rubber, both natural and synthetic, did not contain any of these hydrocar bons when they were(More)
The etiobogic role of a previous attack of in fluenza in human lung cancer has been under ques tion since 1919. The pertinent evidence is histobogi cal, statistical, and clinical. The idea that this in fectious disease might lead to cancer originated from the old concept that infections in general might, under certain conditions, cause cancers but more(More)
It is hoped that an extension of this study by these techniques will provide further support of an association of these two types of cellular change with the presence of H.A.A. Summary The sebum excretion rate (S.E.R.) was measured in 20 patients with acromegaly. Eleven were untreated at the time of the measurement and nine had previously undergone surgical(More)
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