Paul Steele

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The global methane (CH 4) budget is becoming an increasingly important component for managing realistic pathways to mitigate climate change. This relevance, due to a shorter atmospheric lifetime and a stronger warming potential than carbon dioxide, is challenged by the still unexplained changes of atmospheric CH 4 over the past decade. Emissions and(More)
Employee assistance programs (EAPs) have gained significant importance in contemporary worksites. This article uses data from 6 case studies to examine several research questions regarding the relationship between worker demographic (e.g., gender, job tenure, and marital status), substance use, and workplace policies and the actual and potential use of the(More)
A publication of Allianz Group and WWF Climate change poses a major risk to the global economy: It affects the wealth of societies, the availability of resources, the price of energy and the value of companies. At the same time, the need to revolutionize the way we use energy opens up a new universe of options for economic development and social benefits.(More)
The European Space Agency, ESA, has been working on specifying a set of standardised Telerobotics service interfaces in the context of the METERON project. These Services facilitate integration of new robotic agents into the generic infrastructure of future human-robotic space missions. The METERON Robotic Services have been successfully used for the first(More)
Le Programme des Nations Unies pour le développement (PNUD)-réseau mondial des Nations Unies pour le développement-est un organisme qui plaide pour le changement et qui met ses connaissances, son expérience et ses ressources à la disposition des pays de programme afin d'aider leurs populations à améliorer leur niveau de vie. Études de cas et exemples :(More)
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