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An important aspect of motivated behavior is that organisms will perform complex instrumental behaviors to gain access to stimuli such as food. In the present study, food-deprived rats were tested in an operant chamber in which the animals had a choice between pressing a lever to obtain a more-preferred food (Bioserve pellets), or free feeding on a(More)
The Internet has become essential to all aspects of modern life, and thus the consequences of network disruption have become increasingly severe. It is widely recognised that the Internet is not sufficiently resilient, survivable, and dependable, and that significant research, development, and engineering is necessary to improve the situation. This paper(More)
Imprinted genes are expressed from only one of the parental chromosomes and are marked epigenetically by DNA methylation and histone modifications. The imprinting center 2 (IC2) on mouse distal chromosome 7 is flanked by several paternally repressed genes, with the more distant ones imprinted exclusively in the placenta. We found that most of these genes(More)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been proposed as a drastic shift in the networking paradigm, by decoupling network control from the data plane and making the switching infrastructure truly programmable. The key enabler of SDN, OpenFlow, has seen widespread deployment on production networks and its adoption is constantly increasing. Although openness(More)
This paper presents a system for analyzing human driver visual attention. The system relies on estimation of global motion and color statistics to robustly track a person’s head and facial features. The system is fully automatic, it can initialize automatically, and reinitialize when necessary. The system classifies rotation in all viewing directions,(More)
We present FootPath, a self-contained, map-based indoor navigation system. Using only the accelerometer and the compass readily available in modern smartphones we accurately localize a user on her route, and provide her with turn-by-turn instructions to her destination. To compensate for inaccuracies in step detection and heading estimation, we match the(More)
Wireless mesh networks are being used to provide Internet access in a cost efficient manner. Typically, consumer-level wireless access points with modified software are used to route traffic to potentially multiple back-haul points. Malware infected computers generate malicious traffic, which uses valuable network resources and puts other systems at risk.(More)
Prp2 is an RNA-dependent ATPase that activates the spliceosome before the first transesterification reaction of pre-mRNA splicing. Prp2 has extensive homology throughout the helicase domain characteristic of DEXD/H-box helicases and a conserved carboxyl-terminal domain also found in the spliceosomal helicases Prp16, Prp22, and Prp43. Despite the extensive(More)