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AIM To test the psychometric properties of the Context Assessment Index (CAI). BACKGROUND We used the Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services Framework (PARIHS) as the theoretical framework for the study. The framework shows the successful implementation of evidence in practice as dependent on the inter-relationship of the nature of(More)
AIMS This paper reports findings from a large-scale quasi-experimental study that used a measure of caring as a means of evaluating person-centred nursing and aims to illustrate the synergy between the concepts of caring and person-centredness. BACKGROUND Evidence would suggest that effective person-centred nursing requires the formation of therapeutic(More)
RATIONALE The nurse shortage is increasing in the developed world. Organisational context is important in determining issues associated with nurse shortages, such as retention, recruitment, and job satisfaction. Recent research has utilised the Nursing Work Index-Revised (NWI-R) as a measure of organisational context traits. Within the NWI-R a four-factor(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence shows that adopting a person-centered approach to nursing alters the work environment, reduces anxiety levels among nurses in the long term, promotes teamwork among staff, and increases job satisfaction. However, few studies have attempted to quantify the outcomes from the adoption of person-centered nursing. The lack of outcome(More)
Little is known about young suicidal men's preferences for care. Using a broad interpretive approach, we interviewed 36 formerly suicidal young men in a study addressing the development and provision of mental health services. Our analysis yielded three core categories: widening access and bolstering proactive outreach, on becoming a man, and equipping(More)
AIM This study aimed to describe nurses' perceptions of workplace culture, especially in regard to stress levels, job satisfaction and the practice environment in primary health care. BACKGROUND Health care is facing many challenges related to its attractiveness as a place of employment and the maintenance of a sufficient workforce supply. Previous(More)
Ada83 suffers from being a non-polymorphic statically bound language in that, the types of data need to be known before run-time. The generic mechanism helps to overcome this limitation in that a non-type specific package can be written and instantiated for several actual data types, depending on the generic formal parameter chosen. One problem that is not(More)
AIMS This paper reports a study to determine an appropriate framework for assessing older people's needs for nursing within the policy of 'free nursing', and to attempt to identify valid, reliable and usable assessment tool for determining this eligibility. BACKGROUND In 2001, the United Kingdom government introduced 'free nursing care' legislation,(More)