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A gate driver fabricated in a 2-μm 4H silicon carbide (SiC) process is presented. This process was optimized for vertical power MOSFET fabrication but accommodated integration of a few low-voltage device types including N-channel MOSFETs, resistors, and capacitors. The gate driver topology employed incorporates an input level translator, variable(More)
This paper presents the testing results of an all-silicon carbide (SiC) intelligent power module (IPM) for use in future high-density power electronics applications. The IPM has high-temperature capability and contains both SiC power devices and SiC gate driver integrated circuits (ICs). The high-temperature capability of the SiC gate driver ICs allows for(More)
1. Abstract A number of promising techniques which allow treatment of very large-scale plastic truss layout optimization problems incorporating multiple load cases, self weight and practical nodal stability constraints have been developed recently and collaboration with innovative structural engineering consultants Buro Happold has now provided an(More)
This simple paper describes an intuitive data-driven approach to reconstructing architectural facade models from unstructured point-clouds. The algorithm presented yields sparse semantically-rich models that are better suited to interactive simulation than the equivalent dense-reconstructions, yet executes significantly faster than the prevalent(More)
This simple paper describes an intuitive data-driven approach to reconstructing architectural building-footprints from structured or unstructured 2D pointsets. The function is fast, accurate and unconstrained. Further unlike the prevalent L-Shape detectors predicated on a shape's skeletal descriptor [Szeliski 2010], the method is robust to sensing noise at(More)
Temperature dependent spectral response and detectivity of GeSn photoconductors on silicon for short wave infrared detection, " Opt. Temperature dependent spectral detectivity to 2.4 μm and peak responsivity of 1.63 A/W for a Ge0. Competition of optical transitions between direct and indirect bandgaps in Ge1-xSnx, " Appl. Room-temperature(More)
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