Paul Shabajee

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We present an analysis of the potential worldwide demand for downloaded data and the resulting energy requirements of the cloud. Assuming that the average westerner’s media consumption moves fully online but does not rise substantially beyond current levels, and the global middle class reach western levels of consumption, we estimate the overall(More)
In this paper, we describe the notion of a <i>semantic information portal</i>. This is a community information portal that exploits the semantic web standards to improve structure, extensibility, customization and sustainability. We are in the process of developing a prototype directory of environmental organizations as a demonstration of the approach and(More)
The Semantic Web community could benefit greatly from ‘eating its own dog food’ in order to better understand the challenges and opportunities of a Semantic Web from the user perspective. In this paper we describe the deployment of Semantic Web applications and services at the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2006), before presenting results of an(More)
Project name: Semantic Web Advanced Development for Europe (SWAD-Europe) Project Number: IST-2001-34732 Workpackage name: 12.1 Open Demonstrators Workpackage description: ┥ Deliverable title: Semantic portals demonstrator lessons learnt (demo_2_report) URI: ┥(More)
The use of information and communication technology and the web-based products it provides is responsible for significant emissions of greenhouse gases. In order to enable the reduction of emissions during the design of such products, it is necessary to estimate as accurately as possible their carbon impact over the entire product system. In this work we(More)
This discussion paper highlights differences between semantic webbased and more traditional web-based applications that raise significant privacy and other ethical issues for users when they provide personal data (about themselves or others) into a semantic web environment. The paper introduces the technologies, highlights some key differences and reviews(More)