Paul Schnipelsky

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This paper introduces a systematic approach to organizing the discipline of clinical chemistry. The approach is called a top-down systems approach because it starts at the top with the most general concepts and works down through less general concepts to the most specific details and techniques. The hypothesis is that the discipline can be organized into(More)
OBJECTIVE To consider the role of software in system operation, control and automation, and attempts to define intelligence. METHODS AND RESULTS Artificial intelligence (Al) is characterized by its ability to deal with incomplete and imprecise information and to accumulate knowledge. Expert systems, building on standard computing techniques, depend(More)
Biosafety is an important part of the know-how of all clinical laboratory professionals. Biosafely must have high priority in the design and use of analytical systems. Attention should be focused on reducing the handling of biological specimens, reducing biohazards to laboratory personnel, and on improving the labelling and containment of biohazardous(More)
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