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This study sought to determine whether the presence of hypermethylated genes in the surgical margins can predict local recurrences in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCCs). We prospectively collected tumour and surgical margin specimens from patients with HNSCCs who had undergone surgical resections. Quantitative methylation-specific PCR (QMSP) of(More)
BACKGROUND Fibromatosis comprises distinct clinical entities, including sporadic extra-abdominal fibromatosis, which have a high tendency for recurrence, even after adequate resection. There are no known molecular biomarkers of local recurrence. We searched for beta-catenin mutations in a European multicentre series of fibromatosis tumours to relate(More)
BACKGROUND Globally, half of all new HIV infections occur among young people. Despite this incidence, there is a profound lack of resources for HIV-positive youth. OBJECTIVE To investigate Internet access, use and acceptability as means for health promotion and health service delivery among HIV-positive youth. METHODS A community-based participatory(More)
Several emerging computer devices read bio-electrical signals (e.g., electro-corticographic signals, skin biopotential or facial muscle tension) and translate them into computer- understandable input. We investigated how one low-cost commercially-available device could be used to control a domestic robot. First, we used the device to issue direct motion(More)
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