Paul Sablonnière

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The behaviour of four algorithms accelerating the convergence of a subset of LOG is compared (LOG is the set of logarithmic sequences). This subset, denoted LOGF 1 ′ , is that of fixed point sequences whose associated error sequence,e n =S n −S, verifiese n+1 =e n + α2 e n 2 + α3 e n 3 +... , where α3 ≠ α 2 2 , α2 < 0. The algorithms are modifications of(More)
Let r be the triangulation generated by a uniform three direction mesh of the plane. Let r6 be the Powell-Sabin subtriangulation obtained by subdividing each triangle T E r by connecting each vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side. Given a smooth function u, we construct a piecewise polynomial function v E G'r(R 2) of degree n = 2r (resp. 2r + 1) for r(More)
Polynomial and spline quasi-interpolants (QIs) are practical and effective approximation operators. Among their remarkable properties, let us cite for example: good shape properties, easy computation and evaluation (no linear system to solve), uniform boundedness independently of the degree (polynomials) or of the partition (splines), good approximation(More)