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The interaction of UCS intensity and intertrial interval in avoidance learning
In a 3 by 3 factorial design, 27 rats were given 50 trials of avoidance conditioning in a shuttlebox. The main effects of shock (.2,.4, and.8 mA) and of intertrial interval (15, 30, 60 sec), as wellExpand
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Challenges to the enlightenment : in defense of reason and science
The Enlightenment was an intellectual movement which began in seventeenth century Europe and espoused an optimistic project: an end to human ignorance and the slavish adherence to ancient text andExpand
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Phenomenology and Naturalism
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Is Marxism a Religion
Lewis Feuer occupies a special place in American pholosophical thought: first, as a sympathetic Marxist scholar and later as one of the most severe critics of Marxist philosophy.* For a long periodExpand
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Why Moral Education
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Adaptation to the conditioning chamber in multi-session avoidance learning
To assess the effect of adaptation upon avoidance learning, hooded rats were given 10 avoidance conditioning trials daily either following 20 min. adaptation to the apparatus, or prior to beingExpand
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Has ethical naturalism been refuted?