Paul S. Strauss

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This paper presents an object-oriented toolkit for developers of interactive 3D graphics applications. The primary goal of the toolkit is (o make it easier for programmers to create 3D graphics applications that employ direct manipulation techniques in addition to conventional 2D-widgets. Such techniques have generally been ignored in previous graphics(More)
IRIS@ InventorTM is an object-oriented toolkit for developers of applications that incorporate interactive, threedimensional graphics. Encapsulation of data and methods in high-level graphical objects allows Inventor to provide a significant improvement in usability to developers, as compared to the standard, low-level set of graphics primitives provided in(More)
Because of the problems inherent in modeling the physics of light transmission, all lighting models used in computer graphics are approximations. Each model provides a different balance between image realism, model complexity, and runtime efficiency. A model that balances these factors and is easier than its predecessors for inexperienced animators to use(More)
Sigmoid colon diverticulosis is commonly seen in both the surgical outpatient and emergency departments. Rarely, these sigmoid diverticulum, which usually range from 2– 3mm to 2cm in size, can enlarge to more than 10 times. This is due to a ball-valve type mechanism that traps colonic gas inside the sigmoid diverticulum causing it to gradually enlarge.(More)
Extraperitoneal rectal gunshot injuries are rare, but may be encountered in civilian practice. We report on a series of 26 such cases. The aim of the study is to attempt to evolve a treatment policy of this injury. The principles of management include the repair of rectal wound in selected cases and the formation of a diverting colostomy. Distal rectal(More)
Colonic Intussusception although common in children, is a rare cause of acute intestinal obstruction in adults. The etiology, clinical presentation and management of this condition is different in adults as compared to children. Pre-operative diagnosis is usually difficult due to the non specific and intermittent nature of the symptoms. CT scan can be a(More)
Suprapubic cartilaginous cyst (SPCC) is a rare condition known to occur in postmenopausal multiparous women. It is due to the degeneration of the pubic symphysis. Due to its slow progression and rarity in occurrence, it is often misdiagnosed. Presentation includes a painless mass in the suprapubic region, urinary retention, recurrent urinary tract(More)