Paul S. Sherman

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Mental health consumers with chronic mental illness were trained for employment as case management aides in a psychiatric rehabilitation project in Denver. The project incorporated cooperative arrangements between the mental health system and vocational rehabilitation and occupational education agencies. The process used to recruit, select, train, and(More)
Results are reported from a project thatinvolved design, production, and feasibility testing ofthe use of a multimedia computer program to: 1) educateMH consumers about psychiatric advance directives (ADs), and 2) assist them in creating ADs. Thefeasibility results, based on a random sample of 60adults meeting criteria for having a serious andpersistent(More)
Managed care schemes for community mental health services are becoming common. Capitated funding models designed to control costs may create incentives to withhold care. The authors describe a method for creating local standards for minimally appropriate levels of service. The use of such standards can lead to a dialogue with funders and managed care(More)
Community Mental Health Journal has been the only journal focusing solely on the full range of community mental health issues including services, target populations, administrative, and economic issues. The various facets of the development of expertise in those areas rise and fall in emphasis based on the tenor of the times. In these times it seems(More)
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