Paul S. Cho

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Automatic prostate segmentation in ultrasound images is a challenging task due to speckle noise, missing boundary segments, and complex prostate anatomy. One popular approach has been the use of deformable models. For such techniques, prior knowledge of the prostate shape plays an important role in automating model initialization and constraining model(More)
Intra-operative dosimetry in prostate brachytherapy requires 3D coordinates of the implanted, radioactive seeds. Since CT is not readily available during the implant operation, projection x-rays are commonly used for intra-operative seed localization. Three x-ray projections are usually used. The requirement of the current seed reconstruction algorithms is(More)
Prostate brachytherapy quality assessment procedure should be performed while the patient is still on the operating table since this would enable physicians to implant additional seeds immediately into the prostate if necessary thus reducing the costs and increasing patient outcome. Seed placement procedure is readily performed under fluoroscopy and(More)
We report on a syntactic parser for medical reports which uses a genetic algorithm to efficiently identify the highest ranking parse configuration based on a scoring scheme developed as part of our prior work. The approach was tested on a set of 250 sentences from the domain of radiology. Performance time and comparison to exhaustive methods are given.
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