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Our understanding of the earthquake process requires detailed insights into how the tectonic stresses are accumulated and released on seismogenic faults. We derive the full vector displacement field due to the Bam, Iran, earthquake of moment magnitude 6.5 using radar data from the Envisat satellite of the European Space Agency. Analysis of surface(More)
We present a map of the coseism ic displacem ent eld resulting from the Landers, CA , June 28, 1992 earthquake derived using data acquired from an orbiting high resolution radar system. We achieve results more accurate than previous space studies and sim ilar in accuracy to those obtained by conventional eld survey techniques. Data from the ER S-1 synthetic(More)
Quantifying uncertainty is an increasingly important topic across many domains. The uncertainties present in data come with many diverse representations having originated from a wide variety of disciplines. Communicating these uncertainties is a task often left to visualization without clear connection between the quantification and visualization. In this(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric patients with health conditions requiring follow-up typically depend on a caregiver to mediate at least part of the necessary two-way communication with health care providers on their behalf. Health information technology (HIT) and its subset, information communication technology (ICT), are increasingly being applied to facilitate(More)
Quantification and visualization of uncertainty in cardiac forward and inverse problems with complex geometries is subject to various challenges. Specific to visualization is the observation that occlusion and clutter obscure important regions of interest, making visual assessment difficult. In order to overcome these limitations in uncertainty(More)