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In an effort to expand research on curiosity, we elaborate on a theoretical model that informs research on the design of a new measure and the nomological network of curiosity. Curiosity was conceptualized as a positive emotional-motivational system associated with the recognition, pursuit, and self-regulation of novelty and challenge. Using 5 independent(More)
A longitudinal daily diary study examined how chronic perceptions of a partner's regard for oneself might affect the day-to-day relational contingencies of self-esteem. Married partners each completed a diary for 21 days, and completed measures of satisfaction twice over the year. Multilevel analyses revealed that people who chronically felt more positively(More)
This paper presents a case of discrete thalamic infarction which damaged various structures in the region of the left thalamus. Localisation of the lesion was confirmed by MRI scanning. From the localisation of the lesion it was concluded that damage has been inflicted on the hippocampal pathway, the amygdalar pathway, and the pathway from perirhinal cortex(More)
Curious people seek knowledge and new experiences. In 3 studies, we examined whether, when, and how curiosity contributes to positive social outcomes between unacquainted strangers. Study 1 (98 college students) showed that curious people expect to generate closeness during intimate conversations but not during small talk; less curious people anticipated(More)
BACKGROUND There is increased pressure on primary care physicians to monitor oral anticoagulation. OBJECTIVE To test the null hypothesis that oral anticoagulation care can be provided at least as well in primary care through a nurse-led clinic, involving near-patient testing and computerized decision support software, compared with routine hospital(More)
Two meningiomas were investigated that consisted largely of myxoid tissue. Staining with Alcian blue and incubation with staphylococcal, Streptomyces or testicular hyaluronidase revealed that the matrix of the myxoid tissue contained hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate. Special fixation was used for ultrastructural preservation of the myxoid matrix,(More)
Addition of a cholinergic agonist carbachol and vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) to dispersed rat exorbital lacrimal gland acini produces protein secretion, measured by secretion of the enzyme peroxidase, that was statistically significantly greater than additive (potentiated). To determine where in stimulus-secretion coupling these secretagogues(More)