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BACKGROUND The role of the environment in the origin of polycythemia vera has not been well documented. Recently, molecular diagnostic tools have been developed to facilitate the diagnosis of polycythemia vera. A cluster of patients with polycythemia vera was suspected in three countries in eastern Pennsylvania where there have long been a concern about(More)
INTRODUCTION The results of a 2001-2005 polycythemia vera (PV) investigation in Eastern Pennsylvania revealed a disease cluster plus underreporting and false reporting to the Pennsylvania Cancer Registry (PCR). PURPOSE The objectives of this study were 1) to assess PV reporting to the PCR in 2006-2009, 2) to determine whether a cancer cluster persisted,(More)
Cancer cluster investigations rarely receive significant public health resource allocations due to numerous inherent challenges and the limited success of past efforts. In 2008, a cluster of polycythemia vera, a rare blood cancer with unknown etiology, was identified in northeast Pennsylvania. A multidisciplinary group of federal and state agencies,(More)
In 2005, three independent research groups described the presence of a specific mutation in the JAK2 gene, JAK2V617F, in patients with a Philadelphia chromosome-negative myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN). The percentage of patients with the mutation varied according to specific disease with >98 % of polycythemia vera (PV) patients having the mutation. In(More)
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