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Research focusing on perceptual-cognitive skill in sport is abundant. However, the existing qualitative syntheses of this research lack the quantitative detail necessary to determine the magnitude of differences between groups of varying levels of skills, thereby limiting the theoretical and practical contribution of this body of literature. We present a(More)
We used a novel methodological approach to examine skill-based differences in anticipation and visual search behaviour during the penalty kick in soccer. Expert and novice goalkeepers were required to move a joystick in response to penalty kicks presented on film. The proportion of penalties saved was assessed, as well as the frequency and time of(More)
The member companies of the Software Productivity Consortium develop large, mission-critical, real-time applications. For these companies, requirements are the top-priority problem in systems and software development. These requirements have driven the development of the Consortium Requirements Engineering (Core) method and its prototype CASE tools. Core is(More)
This study examined the relative contribution of visual, perceptual, and cognitive skills to the development of expertise in soccer. Elite and sub-elite players, ranging in age from 9 to 17 years, were assessed using a multidimensional battery of tests. Four aspects of visual function were measured: static and dynamic visual acuity; stereoscopic depth(More)
OBJECTIVES To review and analyse original studies on HIV prevalence and risk behaviours among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Vietnam. DESIGN Systematic literature review. Comprehensive identification of material was conducted by systematic electronic searches of selected databases. Inclusion criteria included studies conducted from 2002 onwards,(More)
A novel methodological approach is presented to examine the visual search behaviours employed by expert goalkeepers during simulated penalty kick situations in soccer. Expert soccer goalkeepers were classified as successful or unsuccessful based on their performance on a film-based test of anticipation skill, thereby allowing an intra-group comparison of(More)
Anticipation skill in tennis was examined using realistic film simulations, movement-based response measures, and a portable eye movement recording system. Skilled players were faster than their less skilled counterparts in anticipating the direction of opponents' tennis strokes, with this superior performance being based, at least in part, on more(More)
OBJECTIVE To review published literature on the equity of participation in colorectal cancer screening amongst different population subgroups, in addition to identifying factors identified as barriers and facilitators to equitable screening. Studies were included in the review if they included FOBT as at least one of the screening tests. METHOD Relevant(More)
Awareness of variations in the delivery of medical care has resulted in considerable research activity focused on developing measures to assess the appropriateness of health service provision both internationally and within Great Britain. As in other areas of health service provision there is evidence of variation in advice provided alongside sales of(More)
We review the research both for and against patient participation in decision-making and conclude that (a) patients want to be informed of treatment alternatives, (b) they, in general, want to be involved in treatment decisions when more than one treatment alternative exists, and (c) the benefits of participation have not yet been clearly demonstrated in(More)