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Previous studies have shown that 17 beta-estradiol (beta-E2) has a direct acute inhibitory effect on vascular smooth muscle (VSM) contraction. To investigate the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon, we utilized whole cell patch-clamping techniques to study effects of beta-E2 on voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels in cultured VSM cells (VSMC). T- and L-type(More)
OBJECTIVE Vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) hypertrophy and proliferation occur in response to strain-induced local and systemic inflammatory cytokines and growth factors which may contribute to hypertension, atherosclerosis, and restenosis. We hypothesize VSMC strain, modeling normotensive arterial pressure waveforms in vitro, results in attenuated(More)
Substitution of thiocyanate ions (SCN-) for chloride ions (Cl-) in the extracellular medium of aortic rings and strips causes a biphasic contractile response; initial relaxation followed by sustained contraction. Alterations in these responses are sex-specific, and may elucidate fundamental differences in vascular function between males and females. In(More)
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