Paul R. King

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) uses the Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory (NSI) to measure postconcussive symptoms in its comprehensive traumatic brain injury (TBI) evaluation. This study examined the NSI's item properties, internal consistency, and external validity. Data were obtained from a federally funded study of the experiences of combat(More)
A simple method for the manufacture of disposable, cylindrical, diffusing fibre tips is described. The method is suitable for plastic clad silica fibres with core diameters in the range 200–600μm. Light diffusing tips up to 40 mm in length have been constructed. The method is highly reproducible, construction is typically less than five minutes and the(More)
The VA has integrated psychologists and other licensed mental health providers, known collectively as co-located collaborative care (CCC) providers, into patients’ primary care medical homes to improve mental health services for veterans. However, it is unclear if CCC providers are routinely using mental health measures as part of evidence-based,(More)
Optimal delivery of light to the tumour is of considerable importance in photodynamic therapy. The most effective way of delivering laser light to the tumour tissue is through an implanted optical fibre. In order to investigate the possible effects taking place at the tips of fibres implanted in tissue, fibres were used to deliver light to human blood and(More)
Primary care-mental health integration (PC-MHI) is growing in popularity. To determine program success, it is essential to know if PC-MHI services are being delivered as intended. The investigation examines responses to the Primary Care Behavioral Health Provider Adherence Questionnaire (PPAQ) to explore PC-MHI provider practice patterns. Latent class(More)
Persistent postconcussive symptoms (PPCS) are noted when a series of cognitive, emotional, and somatosensory complaints persist for months after a concussion. Clinical management of PPCS can be challenging in the veteran population because of the nonspecific nature of symptoms and co-occurrence with affective disturbances such as posttraumatic stress(More)
Full implementation of the patient-centered medical home requires the identification and treatment of patients with behavioral health concerns, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced health care costs. Measurement-based care (MBC) for mental health conditions is an essential step in achieving these goals. Integrated primary care (IPC)(More)
The maximum rate at which the light dose may be delivered during interstitial photodynamic therapy (PDT) has been measured for several types of delivery fibre. Measurements of light irradiance at the skin surface overlying subcutaneous experimental tumours were made during interstitial irradiation by 200Μm core diameter fibres whose output ends were either(More)
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a frequent occurrence in the United States, and has been given particular attention in the veteran population. Recent accounts have estimated TBI incidence rates as high as 20 % among US veterans who served in Afghanistan or Iraq, and many of these veterans experience a host of co-morbid concerns, including psychiatric(More)