Paul R Gully

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An outbreak of gastroenteritis affecting 234 pupils and 23 staff at a boarding school occurred over a period of 8 weeks. Campylobacter spp. were isolated from pupils and staff, and from two samples of cold water taken from an open-topped storage tank which supplied predominantly unchlorinated water to the main school building. The two isolates from water(More)
In early 2002, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Population and Public Health (CIHR-IPPH), with the advice of a multi-agency working group, embarked on a review of the literature to examine the issues and barriers related to Canadian population and public health (PPH) knowledge generation, dissemination and exchange, and uptake. The(More)
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), and particularly its transmissibility through blood and blood products, has become a focus of concern in Canada. The recent identification of new variant CJD led to a review of the Canadian mortality database to identify any clustering of CJD by age, sex, or geographic location.
OBJECTIVES To estimate the incidence of and to describe the risk factors that were associated with the acquisition of hepatitis A, B, and C in well-defined Canadian populations from the Sentinel Health Unit Surveillance System (SHUSS). METHODS We used the 1993 to 1995 data on hepatitis A, B, and C infection in Canada, collected by SHUSS, a national(More)
An outbreak of hepatitis A has been recognised on a medical ward of a district general hospital. Eleven nurses and one patient were reported to have hepatitis over a period of 18 days in October, 1984. Specific tests for hepatitis A IgM were positive in all cases. Following extensive investigations, the outbreak was traced to a female patient who had(More)