Paul R. Coronado

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Aqueous solutions of 100 parts per billion (ppb) uranium at pH 7 were treated with granulated activated carbon (GAC) that had been modified with various formulations of hydrophobic aerogels. The composite materials were found to be superior in removing uranium from a stock solution compared to GAC alone evaluated by a modified ASTM D 3860-98 method for(More)
by the Lawnmce Silica aerogels were produced by a new process from Tetmmethoxysilane CMOS) with ammonia as base catdysL The process involves pouring the liquid sol in a stainless steel mold and immediately heating it to supemritical conditions. Gelation and aging occurs during heating and reaction rates are high due to high average temperame s. The gel(More)
Brettanomyces bruxellensis is the main microorganism responsible for the production of off-flavours in wine. Studies have been carried out in synthetic cultures using p-coumaric acid for the production of vinyl and ethylphenols. The results obtained have been extrapolated to authentic wine, but there is no evidence that this correlation will be correct. We(More)
The laser-induced fluorescence spectra (both fluorescence excitation and dispersed fluorescence) of jet-cooled 1,3-benzodioxan along with its ultraviolet absorption spectra have been recorded and analyzed in order to determine the vibrational quantum levels in both the ground and S(1)(pi,pi(*)) electronic excited states. A detailed energy map of the(More)
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