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In the Brazil nut problem (BNP), hard spheres with larger diameters rise to the top. There are various explanations (percolation, reorganization, convection), but a broad understanding or control of this effect is by no means achieved. A theory is presented for the crossover from BNP to the reverse Brazil nut problem based on a competition between the(More)
In the framework of the coordinated project called CINAMON, a list of ground-based stations associated with the Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change (NDSC) contribute to the quasi-global validation of ENVISAT atmospheric chemistry data. This paper reports on such activities performed during the Commissioning Phase (CP) of the satellite. After a(More)
We investigate the liquid-solid transition of two dimensional hard spheres in the presence of gravity. We determine the transition temperature and the fraction of particles in the solid regime as a function of temperature via Even-Driven molecular dynamics simulations and compare them with the theoretical predictions. We then examine the configurational(More)
Acknowledgments – The authors are grateful for valuable information and feedback from Jamie Auten, None of the opinions or comments expressed in this study are endorsed by the companies mentioned or individuals interviewed. Errors of fact or interpretation remain exclusively with the authors. We welcome comments and suggestions.
(HBCU) Leadership to Build Green Infrastructure. " Partnering with Paul Quinn College, a HBCU in Dallas, researchers will engage in Community Based Participatory Research to identify environmental amenities and disamenities, develop community leadership capacity to address environmental injustices and identify opportunities to foster community involvement(More)
In experiments preliminary to the design of an X-ray-excited optical luminescence (XEOL)-based chemical mapping tool we have used X-ray micro (4.5 × 5.2 μm) and macro (1 × 6 mm) beams with similar total fluxes to assess the effects of a high flux density beam of X-rays at energies close to an absorption edge on inorganic surfaces in air. The near surface(More)
Over the past fifty years, significant changes in UK land use and management practices have occurred, driven by UK and EU agricultural policies. There is substantial evidence that modern land-use management practices have enhanced surface runoff generation at the local scale, frequently creating impacts through ‘muddy floods’. Such local impacts can be(More)
This document summarises the European Southern Observatory's official Data Interface specification. These specifications are defined and maintained by the ESO Data Interface Control Board (DICB). Major issues to be resolved in future versions of this document: File naming convention for files delivered to the end users.
Molecular Dynamics simulations were carried out to test the thermodynamic theory of weakly excited, two-dimensional, granular systems [Hayakawa and Hong, Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, 2764(1997)], where granular materials are viewed as a collection of spinless Fermions. We first determine the global temperature T by fitting the steady state density profile to the(More)