Paul Potgieter

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We conducted a prospective randomized controlled double-blind trial at a regional referral centre for the Eastern Cape area, (Livingstone Hospital) to determine whether the use of plastic adhesive drapes intraoperatively would prevent Post Caesarean Section Wound Infection. A total of 620 patients undergoing Caesarean section (CS) were enrolled for(More)
By considering a counting-type argument on Brownian sample paths, we prove a result similar to that of Orey and Taylor on the exact Hausdorff dimension of the rapid points of Brownian motion. Because of the nature of the proof we can then apply the concepts to so-called complex oscillations (or algorithmically random Brownian motion), showing that their(More)
The fluoroquinolones have been extensively used in the neutropenic patient. When fluoroquinolone monotherapy was used as prophylaxis, frequently for extended periods, the rate of adverse effect of ciprofloxacin (6.9%) ofloxacin (11.6%) and norfloxacin (5.5%) were significantly lower than those of the comparator agents--co-trimoxazole, vancomycin and(More)
Trauma to the teeth, gums and dental restorations during medical procedures can be avoided by the use of a mouth protector. Three types of material are discussed and the techniques for manufacture and use are described. Two of the types are available from the manufacturer as preformed U-shaped 'shells', while the third type was manufactured especially for(More)
In this study the differences between the retrusive contact position and the intercuspal position of 20 patients were compared with their interocclusal distances and their gonial angles. A highly significant negative correlation between interocclusal distances and the differences between retrusive contact and intercuspal positions could be demonstrated. A(More)