Paul Pocatilu

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As with rapid growth of the cloud computing architecture usage, more and more industries move their focus from investing into processing power to renting processing power from a specialized vendor. Education field is no different. E-learning systems usually require many hardware and software resources. There are numerous educational institutions that cannot(More)
Cloud computing is growing rapidly, with applications in almost any area, including education. E-learning systems usually require many hardware and software resources. There are many educational institutions that cannot afford such investments, and cloud computing is the best solution. This paper presents the positive impact of using cloud computing(More)
The e-learning applications of today require a special focus on security. Distributed elearning applications have several modules user can access using different clients (desktop or mobile). The same user has several accounts with different credentials. In this context, the SSO (Single Sign-On) solutions become very attractive since the user has to log in(More)
WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a point-to-multipoint wireless network based on IEEE 802.16 standard. The WiMAX signal is broadcasted from a base station to the wide-geographically spread receivers. WiMAX enabled mobile devices become very popular due to the fact the network connections can be easily maintained on move. Regarding(More)
Included is research that contributes to raising the quality of programs written in C/C++. Empirical testing was tackled. The empirical nature is characterized by the partial quality of its elements, the absence of systematic behavior in the process and the idea of random attempts at program behavior. Empirical testing methods are used the program as a(More)
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