Paul Pichler

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Understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms that mediate magnetosensation in vertebrates is a formidable scientific problem. One hypothesis is that magnetic information is transduced into neuronal impulses by using a magnetite-based magnetoreceptor. Previous studies claim to have identified a magnetic sense system in the pigeon, common to avian(More)
We compare the performance of perturbation, projection, and stochastic simulation algorithms for solving the multi-country RBC model described in Den Haan et al. (this issue). The main challenge of solving this model comes from its large number of continuous-valued state variables, ranging between four and 20 in the specifications we consider. The(More)
The cellular basis of the magnetic sense remains an unsolved scientific mystery. One theory that aims to explain how animals detect the magnetic field is the magnetite hypothesis. It argues that intracellular crystals of the iron oxide magnetite (Fe3O4) are coupled to mechanosensitive channels that elicit neuronal activity in specialized sensory cells.(More)
We develop a monetary DSGE model with a maturity structure of government debt and ana-lyze the impact of changes in the inflation target on real public debt. Simulating an increase in debt as experienced after the financial crisis and a four percent higher inflation target, we find that a government such as the U.S. can significantly reduce its real debt(More)
Streams of research are emerging that emphasize the advantages of using declarative process modeling languages over more traditional, imperative approaches. In particular, the declarative modeling approach is known for its ability to cope with the limited flexibility of the imperative approach. However, there is still not much empirical insight into the(More)
It is considered that whole-face processing of spatial structure may only be possible in upright faces, with only local feature processing in inverted faces. We asked whether this was due to impoverished representations of inverted faces. We performed two experiments. In the first, we divided faces into segments to create 'exploded' faces with disrupted(More)
Hair cells reside in specialized epithelia in the inner ear of vertebrates, mediating the detection of sound, motion, and gravity. The transduction of these stimuli into a neuronal impulse requires the deflection of stereocilia, which are stabilized by the actin-rich cuticular plate. Recent electrophysiological studies have implicated the vestibular system(More)
We examine the dynamic properties of inflation in a model of optimal discretionary fiscal and monetary policies. The lack of commitment and the presence of nominally risk-free debt provide the government with an incentive to implement policies which induce positive and persistent inflation rates. We show that this property obtains already in an environment(More)
This paper evaluates the performances of Perturbation Methods, the Parameterized Expectations Algorithm and Projection Methods in finding approximate decision rules of the basic neoclassical stochastic growth model. In contrast to the existing literature, we focus on comparing numerical methods for a given functional form of the approximate decision rules,(More)