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BACKGROUND & AIMS The diagnostic accuracy of non-invasive liver fibrosis tests that may replace liver biopsy in patients with chronic hepatitis remains controversial. We assessed and compared the accuracy of FibroScan® and that of the main biomarkers used for predicting cirrhosis and significant fibrosis (METAVIR ≥ F2) in patients with chronic viral(More)
Septic shock is a leading cause of death among critically ill patients, in particular when complicated by acute kidney injury (AKI). Small experimental and human clinical studies have suggested that high-volume haemofiltration (HVHF) may improve haemodynamic profile and mortality. We sought to determine the impact of HVHF on 28-day mortality in critically(More)
BACKGROUND Transfusion-associated bacterial contamination (TABC), probably the most frequent transfusion-transmitted infection, may induce serious adverse events. Systematic information and documentation on determinants are lacking. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS The BACTHEM Study is a French matched case-control study assessing TABC determinants. Included were(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether truncal distribution of fat mass (TDFM) is associated with variations of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis activity in prepubertal obese children. STUDY DESIGN TDFM, assessed with dual energy X-ray absorptiometry and a comprehensive set of measures of HPA axis activity and reactivity have been studied in(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE On top of functional outcome, accurate prediction of cognitive outcome for stroke patients is an unmet need with major implications for clinical management. We investigated whether stroke location may contribute independent prognostic value to multifactorial predictive models of functional and cognitive outcomes. METHODS Four(More)
International diagnostic criteria for depression have been elaborated in order to standardize and to facilitate diagnostic assessment. The findings of the present survey suggest that general practitioners (GPs) do accurately assess the individual depressive symptoms required to fulfill international diagnostic criteria for depressive syndromes. Training GPs(More)
BACKGROUND During on-pump cardiac surgery, hemorrhagic complications occur frequently. Fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) is widely transfused to provide coagulation factors. Yet, no randomized clinical trial has demonstrated its benefits on mortality. We assessed the relationship between therapeutic transfusion of FFP and 30-day mortality in cardiac surgery(More)
BACKGROUND Major depression disorder (MDD) is a common condition in patients suffering from acute coronary syndrome (ACS), and depression is a risk factor for mortality following an ACS. Growing evidence suggests that there is an intricate interplay between atherosclerosis, inflammation and depression. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of(More)
BACKGROUND When the sensitivity of an assay used to quantify a marker is poor, some of the values are below the detection limit resulting in left-censoring. Analysis of such data requires appropriate statistical techniques. In this study, we aimed at comparing various methods used to deal with left-censored outcome in regression analysis. METHODS The(More)