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The Detection of a Population of Submillimeter-Bright, Strongly Lensed Galaxies
Through a Lens Brightly Astronomical sources detected in the submillimeter range are generally thought to be distant, dusty galaxies undergoing a vigorous burst of star formation. They can beExpand
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Development of DESHIMA: a redshift machine based on a superconducting on-chip filterbank
Distant, dusty and extremely luminous galaxies form a key component of the high redshift universe, tracing the period of intense cosmic activity that ultimately gave rise to the present-day universe.Expand
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Instrument concept and science case for the mid-IR E-ELT imager and spectrograph METIS
METIS is the 'Mid-infrared ELT Imager and Spectrograph', the only planned thermal/mid-IR instrument for the E-ELT. METIS will provide diffraction limited imaging in the atmospheric L/M and N-bandExpand
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METIS: system engineering and optical design of the mid-infrared E-ELT instrument
METIS is a mid-infrared instrument proposed for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). It is designed to provide imaging and spectroscopic capabilities in the 3μm to 14μm region up to aExpand
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METIS: the mid-infrared E-ELT imager and spectrograph
METIS, the Mid-infrared ELT Imager and Spectrograph (formerly called MIDIR), is a proposed instrument for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), currently undergoing a phase-A study. TheExpand
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Wideband on-chip terahertz spectrometer based on a superconducting filterbank
Abstract. Terahertz spectrometers with a wide instantaneous frequency coverage for passive remote sensing are enormously attractive for many terahertz applications, such as astronomy, atmosphericExpand
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ISAAC spectroscopy of emission line galaxies at z = 2.2
The IR Spectrometer and Array Camera (ISAAC) at the VLT has ben used for follow-up spectroscopy of 11 candidate H(alpha) emitting galaxies at z approximately equals 2.2 detected in a preparatory, IRExpand
Searching high-z Lyα emitters
High-z galaxies beyond redshift ~ 4 are essentially detected from ground based observations through their Lyα emission. The anticipated Lyα flux of galaxies at redshifts ~ 6 and beyond is a few timesExpand
Superconducting Coplanar Waveguide Filters for Submillimeter Wave On-Chip Filterbank Spectrometers
We show the first experimental results which prove that superconducting NbTiN coplanar–waveguide resonators can achieve a loaded Q factor in excess of 800 in the 350 GHz band. These resonators can beExpand
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Simulations of adaptive optics with a laser guide star for SINFONI
The SINFONI instrument for ESO's VLT combines integral field spectroscopy and adaptive optics (AO). We discuss detailed simulations of the adaptive optics module. These simulations are aimed atExpand