Paul P Nazemi

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PURPOSE We used the recently devised three-dimensional computer-based threshold Amsler grid test to acquire and identify typical patterns of visual field defects (scotomas) caused by age-related macular degeneration (AMD). METHODS Patients with AMD traced on a computer touch screen the borders of those areas on an Amsler grid that were missing from their(More)
PURPOSE Three-dimensional (3D) computer-automated threshold Amsler grid testing was used to identify and characterize scotomas typical of glaucoma. METHODS The 3D test exhibits a grid on a computer screen at a preselected grayscale and angular resolution, and allows patients to trace those areas on the grid that are missing in their visual field using a(More)
metastases into consideration, palliative surgery to preserve vision in the only eye was performed. The lateral mid-facial approach included osteotomy of the lateral orbital wall and the zygoma. Upon opening the periorbit, the brown tumour infiltrating the muscle was visible. The optic nerve and its nutritive vessels were completely preserved. The lateral(More)
PURPOSE A recently devised 3D computer-automated threshold Amsler grid test was used to identify early and distinctive defects in people with suspected glaucoma. Further, the location, shape and depth of these field defects were characterised. Finally, the visual fields were compared with those obtained by standard automated perimetry. PATIENTS AND(More)
PURPOSE To report a patient with intraocular silicone oil migration into the subconjunctival space and orbit through an Ahmed glaucoma valve implant. METHODS Observational case report. A 29-year-old female with diabetes mellitus and proliferative diabetic retinopathy underwent three left eye pars plana vitrectomies and ultimately intraocular silicone oil(More)
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