Paul P. Kolodziejczyk

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The chemical composition of essential oils isolated from aerial parts of seven wild sages from Western Canada -Artemisia absinthium L., Artemisia biennis Willd., Artemisia cana Pursh, Artemisia dracunculus L., Artemisia frigida Willd., Artemisia longifolia Nutt. and Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt., was investigated by GC-MS. A total of 110 components were(More)
Jojoba seed, a rich source of liquid wax, contains also a group of closely related glycosides: simmondsin (SM), demethylsimmondsin and didemethylsimmondsin (DDS). Four ferulates derivatives of SM and demethylsimmondsin have been identified and isolated. Growing interest and potential for application of SMs as feed additives calls for efficient and quick(More)
The global market for agriculture products and agriculture-based value-added products is undergoing change as the top players in agriculture and agricultural biotechnology face increased consolidation and ultimately form alliances in development, production and marketing. Transgenic plants for human consumption and industrial applications are entering the(More)
Novel chemicals were traditionally extracted from medicinal plants or produced synthetically. However, new development in the field of bioengineering has allowed production of novel products from plants such as edible and industrial oils as well as specific chemicals which could be used as foods with remedial effects.
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