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Standard upper-limb motor function impairment assessments, such as the Fugl-Meyer Assessment (FMA), are a critical aspect of rehabilitation after neurological disorders. These assessments typically take a long time (about 30 min for the FMA) for a clinician to perform on a patient, which is a severe burden in a clinical environment. In this paper, we(More)
Evaluation of post-stroke hemiplegic patients is an important aspect of rehabilitation, especially for assessing improvement of a patient's condition from a treatment. It is also commonly used to evaluate stroke patients during theraputic clinical trials [1]. The Fugl-Meyer Assessment is one of the most widely recognized and utilized measures of body(More)
Surgical treatment of lumbar spine degenerative trouble was until recently limited to destructive techniques like discectomies for disk prolapse, laminectomies for narrow canal and the different way of lumbar fusion for more advanced degenerative troubles or unstable spine. Design of new materials and surgical techniques give spine surgeon an alternative to(More)
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