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The science of security informatics has become a rapidly growing field involving different branches of computer science and information technologies. Software protection, particularly for security applications, has become an important area in computer security. This paper proposes a joint compiler/hardware infrastructure CODESSEAL for software protection(More)
UNLABELLED This study investigated the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) in a German population with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) using the three definitions for MetS according to WHO 1999, AHA/NHLBI 2005, and IDF 2005 criteria. Four-thousand and twenty participants as a cross section of daily practice of diabetes care in Germany (238 unselected sites)(More)
INTRODUCTION The efficacy of a multifactorial intervention with antihypertensive drugs, statins and acetylsalicylic acid was shown in the STENO 2 trial of diabetic patients with microalbuminuria. But how good is clinical practice in Germany? The DIG (Diabetes in Germany) study was an prospective survey, analysing the quality of risk factor control and(More)
Our objective was to investigate the relationship between gastric emptying and mesenteric blood flow in type 1 diabetic patients with (CAN+) and without (CAN-) cardiac autonomic neuropathy. CAN was determined by a series of cardiovascular reflex tests and power spectral analysis of heart rate variations (HRV) using a computerized system. We calculated from(More)
yon MetaItsalzen befrei te P ro te in i s t also ka t a ty t i s ch nil . w i r k s a m ; es wird erst zum Fe rmen t du t ch Verb indung mi t Salzen des Zii iks oder des Maiigalls oder des Magnesiums. Liegt ein Fe rmen t -P r / i pa ra t ve t , yon d e m m a n IIicht weiS, m i t welehem der dre i Metal le das Pro te in verbul ldel l ist , so k a n n m a n(More)
Trusted software execution, prevention of code and data tampering, authentication, and providing a secure environment for software are some of the most important security challenges in the design of embedded systems. This short paper evaluates the performance of a hardware/software co-design methodology for embedded software protection. Secure software is(More)
  • Photographiert Architektur, Matthias Boeckl, Paul Ott
  • ProCare
  • 2012
Die Stadlandschaft ist speziell geprägt von Architektur. Der geund umbaute Raum und das daraus entstehende Raumgefühl prägen den Charakter jeder menschlichen Siedlungsweise. Häufig nehmen wir, weil uns dieses Umfeld so vertraut ist, die Besonderheiten dieses künstlich gestalteten Raums gar nicht mehr wahr – weder die Schönheiten noch die abgrundtiefen(More)