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Peroxidasin is a novel protein combining peroxidase and extracellular matrix motifs. Hemocytes differentiate early from head mesoderm, make peroxidasin and later phagocytose apoptotic cells. As hemocytes spread throughout the embryo, they synthesize extracellular matrix and peroxidasin, incorporating it into completed basement membranes. Cultured cells(More)
Glutactin, a new acidic sulfated glycoprotein, was isolated from Drosophila Kc cell culture media. Immunofluorescence microscopy located it to embryonic basement membranes, particularly to the sequentially invaginated envelope of the central nervous system, muscle apodemes and dorsal median cell processes. Its chromosome locus is 29D. The nucleic acid(More)
The netrins are a family of laminin-related molecules. Here, we characterize a new member of the family, beta-netrin. beta-Netrin is homologous to the NH(2) terminus of laminin chain short arms; it contains a laminin-like domain VI and 3.5 laminin EGF repeats and a netrin C domain. Unlike other netrins, this new netrin is more related to the laminin beta(More)
We examined the mechanism regulating intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1)-dependent monocyte transendothelial migration. Monocyte migration through endothelial cells expressing ICAM-1 alone was comparable to that of tumor necrosis factor-alpha-treated cells. Transmigration was reduced in ICAM-1 lacking the cytoplasmic tail and in tyrosine to(More)
Laminins are heterotrimeric molecules composed of an alpha, a beta, and a gamma chain; they have broad functional roles in development and in stabilizing epithelial structures. Here, we identified a novel laminin, composed of known alpha and beta chains but containing a novel gamma chain, gamma3. We have cloned gene encoding this chain, LAMC3, which maps to(More)
Overlapping cDNA clones that encode the full-length human alpha 1(XII) collagen polypeptides were isolated. The long variant molecule cDNA of 9750 nucleotides (nt) contains a 9189-nt open reading frame encoding 3063 amino acid residues. The short variant molecule cDNA of 6258 nt contains a 5697-nt open reading frame encoding 1899 amino acid residues. At the(More)
This study presents the results and complications of 389 patients who were treated with the Nd:YAG laser between September 1982 and November 1983 with at least a six-month follow-up. The majority of patients had a secondary discission of the posterior capsule. Other procedures included vitreolysis, iridotomy, pupilloplasty, synechialysis, intraocular suture(More)
Interaction with the extracellular matrix is important for the proliferation and differentiation of cells during development. A specialized extracellular matrix, basement membrane, is built around a scaffold of procollagen IV molecules. We report the sequence of a 2.5-kilobase cDNA which contains the carboxyl end of a Drosophila melanogaster procollagen IV.(More)
We present a previously undescribed delayed complication attributable to sulcus-fixated posterior chamber lenses with elliptical polypropylene haptics containing a 10 degrees anterior angulation. Clinical signs of this complication are crescent-shaped iris transillumination defects overlying the lens haptics in the peripheral iris; in some cases these are(More)
BACKGROUND Ischemia/reperfusion (IR) injury is an unavoidable consequence of tissue transplantation or replantation that often leads to inflammation and cell death. Excessive complement activation following IR induces endothelial cell injury, altering vascular and endothelial barrier function causing tissue dysfunction. To mitigate the IR response, various(More)