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Place, Commonality and Judgment: Continental Philosophy and the Ancient Greeks
developed in a preliminary way and does not really become an object of reflection. Moreover, the poststructuralist philosophers that figure in the subtitle – Deleuze and Derrida – dominate theExpand
PA16 Carer proofing: empowering family carers to design an online tool to meet their information needs
Background Among the general public there are misconceptions, sensitivities and taboos relating to Palliative Care. Furthermore, many Palliative Care recipients and Family Carers are managing withExpand
The Undeconstructed Sovereign
The Beast and the Sovereign is the first in a planned series from the University of Chicago Press making available the seminars of Jacques Derrida. The thirteen sessions reproduced here took placeExpand
Nietzsche’s Posthuman Political Vision
ABSTRACT In repeated rejections of the reality of free will, agency, self-consciousness and moral accountability, Nietzsche espouses views consistent with “cosmic” determinism. The salient featuresExpand
“Machiavellian” Instruction: Why Hesiod’s Ainos Has No Moral
Abstract Hesiod’s fable (ainos) of the hawk and the nightingale, addressed to kings, notoriously has no moral. Its depiction of a hawk carrying off a nightingale, preaching the futility of eitherExpand
On the "Hiccuping Episode" in Plato's Symposium
This article argues for a design in the famous episode of Aristophanes’s hiccups in the Symposium ; its purpose is, via the interactions it causes, to contrive the skipping of Aristodemus in theExpand