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In this paper we present a technique for the modelling and animation of cartoon hair. In our approach the primary shape and motion of the hair is defined by an animated NURBS volume, along whose surface are generated clumps of hair geometry. The basis of these hair clumps is formed by key hair curves that are grown along the isocurves of the originating(More)
Novel colloidosome microcapsules with aqueous gel cores and integral shells of rodlike polymeric particles have been prepared and characterized. The synthesis is based on templating water-in-oil emulsions stabilized by rodlike particles followed by gelling of the aqueous phase, dissolution of the oil phase in ethanol, and redispersion of the obtained(More)
3D computer animation often struggles to compete with the flexibility and expressiveness commonly found in traditional animation, particularly when rendered non-photorealistically. We present an animation tool that takes skeleton-driven 3D computer animations and generates expressive deformations to the character geometry. The technique is based upon the(More)
Clinical medical devices are designed with the explicit assumption that trained medical team members will operate them in appropriate hospital environments. As technological complexity increases, along with the possibility to create specific ward configurations, the potential for unusual interaction combinations poses challenges for safety and training.(More)
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