Paul Nieuwenhuysen

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Bangui, Bobaya, Kowanyama, Upolu and Zinga are enveloped spherical RNA viruses sensitive to ether and acid pH; morphologically resembling Bunyaviridae, their diameters range from 90 to 100 nm and their bouyant density is 1.17 to 1.18 g/ml in sucrose. St. Floris, a bunya-like virus, serologically related to Rift Valley Fever, has a diameter ranging from 90(More)
An empirical investigation of the consistency of retrieval through Internet search engines is reported. The focus is on a characteristic related to size: the degree of consistency to which an engine retrieves documents. Does an engine always present the same relevant documents that are, or were, available in its database? We observed and identiied three(More)
Cytoplasmic ribosomes and their large and small subunits have been isolated from the brine shrimp Artemia, and their basic physicochemical properties have been determined. From measurements of their ratio of absorbance at 260 and 280 nm, phosphorus and protein content, buoyant density in a CsCl gradient, and density increment, values have been derived for(More)
In this paper the IRT project (Internet / Information Retrieval Tools) is described. The basic goal of IRT is to advise users of Internet search engines in retrieving information from the free public access part of the Internet. In achieving this, IRT has developed a model to evaluate search engines. This model is described in here. Evaluation criteria(More)
This contribution outlines some new challenges that are faced by libraries and information centers and that are caused by the proliferation of heterogeneous electronic publications accessible through the Internet and the WWW. Methods based on information and communication technology are developed worldwide to cope with these challenges. Some of these are(More)
It is impossible to measure the diffusion coefficient of macromolecules directly and accurately by quasi-elastic light scattering, when aggregates cannot be eliminated from the solutions to be investigated. Nevertheless, a simple method can be applied to overcome this problem in many cases. Aggregates are separated from the monomeric macromolecules by(More)