Paul N. Ulrich

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Embryos and larvae of the Antarctic sea urchin, Sterechinus neumayeri, have received considerable experimental attention assessing impacts of low temperature on development; however, salinity effects are not well documented because heretofore, the Antarctic coastal marine environment has been remarkably stenohaline. In this study, subtle decreases of 2 and(More)
Restoration of oyster reef habitat in the Inland Bays of Delaware was accompanied by an effort to detect and determine relative abundance of the bivalve pathogens Perkinsus marinus, Haplosporidium nelsoni, and QPX. Both the oyster Crassostrea virginica and the clam Mercenaria mercenaria were sampled from the bays. In addition, oysters were deployed at eight(More)
The mitochondria of intertidal invertebrates continue to function when organisms are exposed to rapid substantial shifts in temperature. To test if mitochondrial physiology of the clam Mercenaria mercenaria is compromised under elevated temperatures, we measured mitochondrial respiration efficiency at 15°C, 18°C, and 21°C using a novel, high-throughput,(More)
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